Just for Laughs

TV Series, 2007-2009

Rick Miller hosted 3 seasons of JUST FOR LAUGHS, the ABC-primetime version of the incredibly successful "Just for Laughs: Gags".  The hidden-camera show has now been seen in over 125 countries and 95 airlines around the world, and is the first ever made-for-Canada television series to be broadcast on a major U.S. network.  At its prime in the summer of 2008, JUST FOR LAUGHS drew an average viewership of 7 million people!  The TV series is created by the 'Just for Laughs' organization, who also host the world's largest comedy festival. Host Rick Miller has a long history with the festival, including featured runs of his one-man shows SLIGHTLY BENT and BIGGER THAN JESUS (co-created with Daniel Brooks). More on IMDB page