La Géométrie des Miracles

Geometry of Miracles is inspired by the life and times of American architectural giant Frank Lloyd Wright, and the show integrates many references to his work – particularly the Johnson Wax Building and the Guggenheim Museum. But the production also focuses on the groups of young architects that Wright gathered in Taliesin and Taliesin-West, on the underlying principles behind these gatherings, on the “guru” phenomenon, on relations between mentors and disciples, and on the development of individual personality within a collective training context.

The play is also concerned with the influence of Olgivanna, Wright’s second wife, on the architect’s work, and on the fondamental influence of Russian-born guru thinker Gurdjieff on Olgivanna Wright’s thinking. Overall, it is a poetic essay on individual identity and the creative process, filled with projections, sounds, words and choreographed bodies.

Original Concept and Staging

Robert Lepage

Created and Performed by

Tea Alagic

Daniel Bélanger

Jean-François Blanchard

Marie Brassard

Denis Gaudreault

Tony Guilfoyle

Anthony Howell

Kevin McCoy

Rick Miller

Thaddeus Phillips

Rodrigue Proteau

Lise Roy

Catherine Tardif