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"Rick Miller uses 'The Simpsons' to turn Shakespeare classic into a terrific 'MacHomer'. Hilariously funny... the laughs are continuous."
- Los Angeles Times

"The man is a comic juggernaut - Robin Williams with edge, or Jim Carrey with taste - who carries the show to triumph. It's truly awesome. A one-man, comic tour de force...this is Shakespeare done just the way he'd like it."
- The Toronto Star

"***** If you miss this treat, slap your forehead and go 'D'oh!'"
- Vancouver Sun

"The most intriguing interpretation of Shakespeare's MacBeth ever to hit the stage"
- The Springfield (Ohio) News-Sun


Bigger Than Jesus:

"An exciting piece of multimedia theater with a challenging point of view, Bigger Than Jesus could have a big future... a fast-paced, thought-provoking ride."
- Variety

TOP 10 SHOWS of 2004
"BIGGER THAN JESUS: Rick Miller and Daniel Brooks tackled the whole issue of the Messiah with humour, intelligence and superb theatricality."
- The Toronto Star

TOP 10 SHOWS of 2004
" 2. BIGGER THAN JESUS. In a multimedia piece that looks at the central figure of Christianity, the stories that have surrounded him over the centuries and the acts done in his name, performer Rick Miller and director Daniel Brooks don't shy away from sly and often yowl-out-loud s atire. But roving from outrageous comedy to serene contemplation, they've also based the piece in spiritual, ennobling certainties about the human soul. Yes, Christ has risen again – in a thoughtful, theatrical and gripping manner."
- NOW Magazine

BEST of 2004
"BIGGER THAN JESUS – Rick Miller and Daniel Brooks’ multimedia production alternated the simple beauty of the Catholic liturgy with Miller’s wildly funny interpolations to find what is enduring about Jesus’ story while satirizing abuses of that story and all forms of fundamentalism. Who could forget Miller’s Last Supper played out by action figures?"
- EYE Magazine




"STUNNING!...  Rick Miller is one of our most dazzling performers and Daniel Brooks one of our most brilliant directors... Miller's greatest skill is not unlike that of a jazz virtuoso: he riffs superbly..."

- The Toronto Star


"POWERFUL AND CHILLING!... Rick Miller addresses brutal truths in HARDSELL, a thoughtful and entertaining show about maintaining a healthy conscience in a free market...”

- NOW Magazine


"A VOCAL CHAMELEON!... HARDSELL succinctly illustrates how living in a consumer society seems to either makes hypocrites out of us or turn us into self-righteous jerks.”

- The Globe and Mail


“Between the unsettling interaction of the two brothers and the cold and calculating assault on our very existence, HARDSELL is another Miller/Brooks opus that fascinates like a cobra. Hypnotized, we can’t look away... I’m still thinking about the show the next day.”

- Classical 96 FM