Show-related Outreach

As an example of the kind of transmedia outreach Rick is working on with Kidoons, here are the many facets of how BOOM
 is connecting with communities.
TALKBACKS: After each performance, Rick hosts a talkback in the theatre to continue the conversation, often inviting partner organizations onstage.
LOBBY CONVERSATIONS: After the talkback, Rick heads to the lobby, where we have partner campains, historical trivia, and a camera to film "Your Stories".
YOUR STORIES: We collect and connect audience stories that have been inspired by the stories in BOOM. For more info or to add your story, please click here.
HERITAGE MOMENT: One of our educational sites on the Kidoons Network, where you can find excerpts of BOOM, and other partnered videos that expand on the stories in the show itself. Please visit to find out more.

THE KIDOONS NETWORK: Where BOOM connects to our other onstage productions (like Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea), and to our many online web series (like The Greatest Lakes: a Jerry Muskrat Adventure, Go West, Young Bear: a Buster Bear Adventure, and many others). Whenever we tour BOOM to a city, we meet with local organizations whose themes echo the themes within our shows. We then partner with these organizations to create new episodes in our web series, connecting them to our national storylines on the network.

And more Outreach...
SCHOOL SHOWS: BOOM is probably the most entertaining history lesson students will ever get!
BACKSTAGE TOURS: Given to anyone interested in the creative process and the mechanics of theatre.
IN-SCHOOL VISITS: Whenever possible, we try to come to schools that have seen BOOM to continue the conversation.
STUDY GUIDES: We can provide you a timeline from the show, and vocal excerpts from famous speeches in BOOM.

In short, when BOOM tours to a city, we become connectors in the community and a hub for conversations about creativity, history, culture, technology and ecology.

Here are the outreach sites for Rick's shows, past and present:
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea OUTREACH
Bigger Than Jesus OUTREACH