TFO 24.7

Rick Miller searches for francophone culture across Canada with TFO 24.7

Rick Miller and Kidoons have partnered with TFO 24.7 to create a series of 3-minute "Vox-Pop" videos that chronicle his search for francophone history and culture across Canada. Created in conjunction with Rick's cross-Canada tour of his show BOOM, the series will feature episodes created in Toronto, Edmonton, Whitehorse, Halifax, Vancouver and Winnipeg.

NOTE: The videos are in French.
Existing videos in the series:
The anniversary of the Franco-Ontarian Flag.
The search for Franco-Albertans in Edmonton.

About TFO 24.7
(English) TFO 24.7, the new francophone point of view. A magazine that entertains, informs, and comments on French-Canadian social and cultural finds. TFO 24.7 presents artisans, artists, youths, entrepreneurs, leaders, and many others who breathe life into French-Canadian culture from coast to coast. Stories, features, interviews, humour, and opinion videos: a show that offers an authentic look on our French-Canadian identity.

(français) TFO 24.7, le nouveau regard francophone. Un magazine qui divertit, informe et commente les découvertes sociales et culturelles de notre francophonie canadienne. TFO 24.7 met à l'avant-scène les artisans, les artistes, les jeunes, les entrepreneurs, les leaders et toutes celles et ceux qui font vibrer notre francophonie d'un bout à l'autre du pays. Reportages, chroniques, entrevues, humour, opinions, une émission qui pose un regard authentique sur notre identité franco-canadienne.